Easy EoR: Prices for our Employer of Record Services in Poland

Onboarding Costs for Your New Employee

When initially onboarding new hires through our EOR in Poland, companies can expect:

  • No setup fee per employee to cover contract creation, onboarding and payroll enrollment.
  • No fee for the mandatory medical check-up and registration with local authorities
  • deposit equal to 2 months’ salary, held for the duration of employment. This deposit mitigates non-payment risks during the employee’s employment, probation, termination and notice period.
  • Onboarding is usually completed within 24-48 hours.

Other potential onboarding costs include:

  • Work visa fees – if applicable, we use the services of Krakspire for all visa and work permit requirements.
  • Equipment – we can help to source the equipment and tools needed for the employee

Ongoing Salary & Compliance when Hiring Employees

After onboarding, ongoing costs include:

  • Salary – This is paid to the EOR to cover employee wages as part of the employment contract. In Poland, there are statutory law regulations for paid sick, annual, and parental leave.
  • Employer contributions – Mandatory payments for social programs and benefits. Employer contribution in Poland is 20% of the gross salary.
  • Taxes – We handle personal income tax and social contributions on behalf of the employer and employees.

Benefits Management For Your Team in Poland

Providing quality employee benefits is key to retention and satisfaction. Common offerings can include:

  • Private Health insurance – Offered by most employers in Poland.
  • Retirement plans
  • Bonus pay
  • Perks – Gym memberships, childcare, etc.

An EOR can manage localised benefits and charge a benefits management fee, typically a percentage of the total cost. This saves time while ensuring competitive and compliant offerings.

EOR Service Fees – 2024

An EOR service fee is charged monthly for each employee.

  • Fixed fee: 299 euro per employee

This fee includes:

  • HR administration
  • Payroll processing
  • Compliance – Staying legally compliant with labour, tax, GDPR and local laws
  • Access to HR technology platforms
  • Ongoing advisory and support
  • Invoicing – Monthly consolidated invoicing is standard
  • Reporting – Periodic reports on payroll and compliance

Invoicing is done monthly. Pricing is competitive compared to hiring and managing payroll internally. No hidden fees.

Assessing Total Costs When Choosing Your EOR / PEO

When evaluating an EOR, consider:

  • Total cost of ownership – Factor in all fees, not just service costs.
  • Pricing comparison – Get quotes from multiple providers.
  • Budgeting – Make accurate financial projections.
  • Value assessment – Weigh cost vs. benefits like reduced overhead.

Watch for:

  • Hidden fees – Ask about unspecified charges.

Choose a provider that offers transparent, competitive pricing with no surprises. Indeed, EasyEOR covers all of this.

How do we compare, and how are we different / cheaper:

EasyEoR Other Employers of Record
We care about every customer and employee, regardless of size and salary Scale customer care and compliance according to the size of the contract
Specialises in Polish HR and legal compliance only Tries to be active in every country
Human interaction Self-service platform
24-hour support and onboarding Slow, count on responses and activities from external partners
Complete compliance by a Polish employer Outsourced and offshored for maximum margin
Small marketing and sales overhead keeps the cost low High marketing and sales overhead

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